Alchemy Charitable Trust (ACT) was founded in 2012 to help families and individuals living in West Kent* and Sussex facing exceptional need.

We have all encountered times in our lives when we have faced unexpected financial demands, pressure or hardship when, no matter how hard we have tried, worked or saved, we simply cannot find the funds or help needed to resolve the problem.

For some, family or friends, the State or other charities are able to provide the necessary support but for others their needs fall outside the usual parameters for State or charitable assistance and there appears to be nowhere else to turn.

It is to help these families and individuals, already doing everything they can for themselves that ACT has been founded.

*West Kent includes the boroughs of Tunbridge Wells District Council, Tonbridge and Malling District Council and Sevenoaks Borough Council only.


'Thank you for … the help from ACT, I am so grateful & really appreciate that ACT has helped me ... Through months of sadness, stress & feeling as if I won't get anywhere - I can now finally move on, be happy and work towards my son & my future. I am truly blessed and grateful for this grant which not only helps me but other women too. Thank you.'

'The grant has made a world of difference to me!  I would never have got the money to buy the specialist mattress I need. I was in a rehabilitation unit for several weeks and wasn't allowed home without an appropriate mattress. Thank you so much.'

'I would like to thank you for all your help you have given me and my daughter, I don't know what we would have done without your help.'

'Thanks on behalf of my son and I for helping us and making such a difference to our lives.'

‘It very much helped me to get a home.  It was a very bad time when I was homeless and moving from place to place.  I don’t have to stress now about being homeless.’


We hope that ACT can make a difference to the lives of the families and individuals who receive our help, by enabling them to overcome their short-term needs. We trust that providing that little extra support we can enable people to face the future again with renewed optimism.

Support is through a grant of financial assistance. Very often these grants can help to prevent an immediate crisis from spiralling and threatening the stability of families and individuals. Even where these families and individuals are tackling complex and difficult issues, a small grant or practical gift can make a big difference.


Applicants for support need to:

  • be living in West Kent (Tunbridge Wells District Council, Tonbridge and Malling District Council, Sevenoaks Borough Council only) and Sussex
  • be facing an exceptional need.
  • have done everything they can for themselves and show that they have been unable to obtain funding from any other source.
  • be supported by someone who knows the applicant in a professional capacity.

For detailed information about the application procedure and to download an application form see 'Apply'. You can also download information here.

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