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Some bunny loves you, this Easter! - 16th April 2017

Happy Easter! Here's a little note to remind you that if you have nowhere else to turn, some bunny is always there for you. We have been helping tons and tons of local Sussex and West Kent residents in need this Spring.

Thanks to your support, we've covered rent and living expenses for four Sussex families from Brighton, Peacehaven, Arundel and Worthing so they can share memories (and hopefully some chocolate eggs!) at home with their loved ones.

Happy new year to all our supporters! - 01st January 2017

Since we started the charity in 2012, we have helped over 400 families and individuals across West Kent and Sussex and paid out over £200,000 which is amazing!

We are so excited to continue to help people in need in 2017 - the best is yet to come!

Some Christmas magic… - 24th December 2016

We just heard this morning that a local Sussex resident has received funding for a local hostel, meaning he's got somewhere warm and safe to stay tonight! ❄

Thought we'd share this bit of Christmas Eve magic with you and on behalf of all the trustees, wish you all a wonderful Christmas.

Spread some joy this Christmas. Now’s the perfect time to order your ACT Christmas cards! - 12th November 2016

We are excited to announce that this year, we have our own personalised greeting cards for you to share with your family and friends this Christmas.

With a wide range of designs available, you can raise £1 for Alchemy Charitable Trust every time you order a card. Every donation will go towards helping West Kent and Sussex residents in need this Christmas time.

With postage already included in the pricing and every card guaranteed to raise a donation, why not spread some Christmas cheer to friends and family this festive season!

Simply, visit https://cards.giveasyoulive.com and choose Alchemy Charitable Trust as your cause. Thank you so much for your support! 

Hello November! - 03rd November 2016

There's a slight chill in the air so we thought it might be the perfect time to warm you up with some news from the Spring!

In April, we helped a local Brighton resident. M had previously been homeless and battled alcohol dependency, whilst suffering with PTSD. He has come an awful long way and now has his own studio flat by the sea.

He has the rare thing of a back yard and with ACT's help, he's bought some fencing, paving slabs and a garden shed - a great project for him to do to settle into his new home! W said it has been so beneficial for his well-being to enjoy the outside space and have that extra storage.

Raise more than a scream this Halloween - 31st October 2016

This Halloween, we thought we'd share a story which has a spooky start but a very happy ending 

This time in 2014, J was coming to the end of a 6 month license in a local woman's refuge after fleeing domestic violence. She wasn't eligible for discretionary help or a loan and didn't know where else to turn. With our help, she has secured a lovely flat in East Sussex, where she is settled and continuing to build links and support here. She is absolutely thrilled with her new home.

If you fancy giving a small treat to someone in your local community, you can make a donation on our website -


Or, raise more than a scream this Halloween when you shop online for your costume via Give as you Live 


On behalf of the Alchemy Charitable Trust, thank you so much for your support and helping us make it a little less spooky for West Kent and Sussex  residents in need 

There’s nothing to brighten up a cold October morning like a happy ending - 21st October 2016

"Living in a rural area with no direct gas supply, I had to rely on an oil fired Rayburn for heating, cooking and hot water. In November 2013, the current Rayburn "packed up" and was declared condemned. I had no idea how to cope with this situation, being in extremely poor health and with limited resources. The compassion and understanding I received from ACT literally saved my life. I had severe depression and to find myself in another impossible situation nearly pushed me over the edge. I am forever indebted to the Alchemy Charitable Trust for everything they did for me in providing funds to purchase a second-hand Rayburn to bring back the utilities I had been denied for a period of 14 months... I have made sure that the funds ACT gifted to me will be paid back to them so other people in similar positions can continue to benefit from their work"

Our Autumn update: Big things often have small beginnings - 16th October 2016

We know that a small act can make a big difference. Since our summer break, we have been so busy helping families in your local community this Autumn.

We've given some young mum's from West Kent and Sussex a stop-gap whilst their benefits are being assessed so they can care for their little acorns whilst they wait for their money to come through.

We've secured a beautiful Eastbourne garden so that a little boy with Autism can enjoy playing outside in the Autumn leaves 

We've also paid for essential white goods in time for the Winter weather and this September, it was back to college for a Brighton lad who needed some help finishing the last term of his course. We hope by planting these little seeds, mighty trees will grow.

If you want to make a difference in West Kent and Sussex, you can make donation on our website - big things often have small beginnings  - http://bit.ly/2dVrEgm

It’s not all doom and gloom - 24th July 2016

We might not have much beautiful Sussex sunshine this week, but we've been bringing some light to the lives of lots of residents in your local community! 

Just this month, we have given grants for carpets and flooring, school uniform, rent arrears, a water bill, funeral expenses, a fridge freezer, a sofa bed, moving costs and hospital travel expenses.

In uncertain times like these, we are always here to help West Kent and Sussex residents in need - 26th June 2016

It's officially British summer time in West Kent and Sussex and although the weather is a bit hit and miss, we've been bringing some much needed sunshine to residents in need! 

In particular, we have been helping a lot of incredible women who have fled domestic violence and are living in hostels and refuges up and down the Sussex coast.

We've given a Seaford lady a fresh new start by helping her move out of a refuge and into a lovely flat by the coast.

We've provided funds for essential furniture and furnishings for an expectant Mum from Eastbourne so she has a home she can call her own with everything she needs for the new arrival! 

One mum from Bexhill and her daughter have had to leave their family home due to a controlling partner. They are now making a new start by the seaside and a grant from ACT will be going towards a cooker so they can cook and eat together in their lovely new home 

In uncertain times like these, we are always here to help West Kent and Sussex residents in need ✨ We're so proud to have helped these families and individuals get their summers off to an amazing new start!