We are now delighted to have begun to fulfil our objectives and provide support to individuals and families in West Kent and Sussex.

Here are a some recent examples of applicants already supported:

Jordan - King of the Road!

ACT purchased this mobility tricycle for 16 year old Jordan from Hastings. Jordan is delighted to be able to play out with his friends now.. a future Bradley Wiggins perhaps? Its great to see him so happy!

How ACT Helped - Summer 2013

We've paid for FIVE KIDS to go on holiday schemes:

Here at ACT, we never underestimate the value of a good summer holiday, especially for children in care or living with severe disabilities. Holiday playschemes are a fantastic break for both the kids, and their families, but come with a price tag.

We've paid for FOUR new cookers:

Household appliances are always a nightmare when they go wrong but some Sussex families find themselves without the resources to buy replacements - that's where ACT has been happy to step in to make sure no-one is going without a hot meal!

We've covered costs from PLUMBING to FUNERAL DIRECTORS:

ACT has been the last resort for families and individuals across Sussex, from Brighton to Bognor! We are looking to continue our work into the Autumn and 'Bring Summer Back' for Sussex residents in exceptional need.


Welcome Home

Christmas 2013, 80000 people woke up homeless in Britain. Nick from ‪‎Bexhill-On-Sea‬ was one of them. Last week, we posted a cheque to help Nick get a deposit on a flat. So many people from our local community can find themselves in a similar situation at no fault of their own- we're not having it!                          

Back to School!

Posted a cheque for a Seaford family to buy new school uniforms. All their savings had been spent on transport visiting their very poorly mum in hospital. We know this small act made big difference come September time.

iPad for Kennedy!

Kennedy has a rare chromosome disorder and after spending three months in hospital and undergoing numerous operations and medical procedures was informed she was going to have to spend many more months in hospital. Because of Kennedy's disabilities, she is unable to use normal laptops or PCs, however she found that with assistance she was able to manipulate an iPad. ACT provided her with a new iPad and this has enabled her to continue her education during her lengthy hospital stay.

Play-scheme for Luke!

 Luke has learning disabilities and his mother needed him to attend the local playscheme so that she could catch up on the work of maintaining a hectic household of Luke and his two younger brothers. ACT was able to provide funding to enable Luke to go and enjoy the playscheme two days a week for the summer holidays making a huge difference to both Luke and his mother’s lives.